Experiential Showcase

To be announced
【Date to be Announced】Art x Sound, Mind & Matter: Bathing in Frequencies
The programme “Art X Sound, Mind and Matter: Bathing in Frequencies” features contemporary artist and experimental musician Shane Aspegren, who specializes in experimenting between the relationship of human body and soundwave, leading to meditative and other states of inner-exploration.
Jun 13
Hong Kong Arts Centre
Art X Mindfulness: Listening to the Boundless Universe through Art
Local scenographer and singing bowl performer Tsang Man Tung will be curating an artist presentation, "lokadhātu" mindfulness installation exhibition, "Singing to your Heart- Singing Bowl" experiential showcase and a chill-chat salon.
May 24
Hong Kong Arts Centre
Art X Perceptual Psychology: Cross-modal Imagination
Hong Kong artist Samson Young will initiate this edition of “Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads” with the programme “Art X Perceptual Psychology: Cross-modal Imagination”. With a series of events which consists of an artist presentation, an experimental showcase and a chill-chat salon, you will be led into the important pathway to open-mindedness through cross-modal thinking.