Experiential Showcase

May 24
Tamar Park
Art X Perceptual Psychology - Sound Sketching Session
In this session at Tamar Park, participants will open up the boundaries among their different senses. Various sounds from the field will turn into sketches through paints and brushes.
Jun 11
Hong Kong Arts Centre
Art X Mindfulness - "lokadhātu" Mindfulness Installation Exhibition
The "lokadhātu" project is originated from Tsang Man Tung’s mindfulness installation exhibition held at the International Bodhisattva Sangha in Taiwan last year. Natural marks, traces and scars will be left on brass sheets after being oxidised in nature, and each sheet is indeed one unique universe of its own. Visit the work at Hong Kong Arts Centre, and in each brass sheet initiate a conversation with your heart.
Jun 13
Hong Kong Arts Centre
Art X Mindfulness - Listen to your Heart- Singing Bowl
Led by Tsang Man Tung, participants will listen to the harmonized vibration from the Himalayan singing bowls, which tunes one into the state of calmness, relaxation and peace.